Private Tutoring

on Google Meet!

Online interdisciplinary tutoring and consulting (ages 13+), by Mr. John Newell:

Basic to Advanced Math: Algebra / Geometry

Basic to Advanced English: Comprehension / Composition

Basic to Advanced Social Science: History / Government / Economics

College Preparatory: Skills / Habits / Motivation / Knowledge

Special Education: Learning Disabilities / Special Needs

Recurring Private Tutoring Deals

  • Includes Initial Session Report and Progress Reports

  • Choose between 1 or 2 Hour Sessions, except Initial Session always 2 Hours

  • Flexible Scheduling

Beginner Deal - $500

7 Hours of Private Tutoring

Intermediate Deal - $900

15 Hours of Private Tutoring

Advanced Deal - $1,200

24 Hours of Private Tutoring

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One-Time Private Tutoring Session

  • Includes Session Report

  • Flexible Scheduling

1 Hour of Private Tutoring - $100

2 Hours of Private Tutoring - $200

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All Tutoring Sessions and Deals purchased in 2022 expire at the end of next year:

December 31, 2023

Need to cancel or reschedule a One-Time Private Tutoring Session?

Send us an email or phone call at least 1 hour before the Session is set to begin and either cancel for a full refund,

or simply reschedule!

Need to cancel a Recurring Private Tutoring Deal?

Send us an email or phone call and we'll cancel your Deal and refund your remaining unserved Session Hours,

minus a $50 flat fee which applies to the refund of any Recurring Deal cancelation.

For more information, please see our Refund Policy.

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