Parent / Guardian Testimonials

of Apartment of Education lead tutor and veteran interdisciplinary high school instructor:

Mr. John Newell

Student names omitted for privacy: (my/our son/daughter)

Mr Newell, you have had a remarkable impact on (my son) - he’s motivated and doing most of his tests himself. Thank you for drawing him in during the class given his attention span disability.

- Desmond W., parent

Dear Mr. Newell, OMG, I can’t believe my eyes! This is the first time (our daughter) got the highest score in the class. I am more excited than she is. Finally (our daughter) is self motivated. Thank you very much for your help! Very appreciated for encouraging (our daughter) and for your great job.

- Zhao C., parent

Dear Mr. Newell, I just wanted to drop a note of sincere gratitude for all that you do to educate the kids and ensure they have a great learning experience. (My son) is really enjoying the class and can't stop talking about it well after the zoom sessions end. I have never seen him participate so eagerly in office hours, which shows how much he is enjoying himself. All your diligent updates about the class and the performance of kids. This is greatly appreciated. As working parents, we are unfortunately not able to contribute to the class actively, but it greatly reassures us that teachers such as yourself really take care of the kids' learning experience. Thanks again and sincerely appreciate all your efforts!

- Ramakrishnan P., parent

I would like to thank you for the wonderful teacher you are. (My daughter) was looking forward to the class every day and that credit goes to you for making the classes interesting and rewarding for our student. Thank you for all the encouragement and help. We couldn't have had a more rewarding geometry course for our daughter.

- Ravikumar C., parent

It was pleasure to have you as (our son's) teacher, your guidance really helped (our son) to succeed.

- Praveen D., parent

Dear Mr. Newell, (our son) has been enjoying your math class quite a bit. Thanks again for being such an awesome teacher!

- Y. Wang, parent

Thank you, Mr. Newell! We appreciate all your hard work in keeping (our son) motivated to learn and achieve.

- R. Raman, parent

Hello Mr. Newell, just want to say that you are a great teacher! (Our daughter) has been lucky to switch to your class. You have been very caring, engaging and clear in communication of the students' progress throughout the session. Please continue to be an extraordinary teacher that you are. Do you do tutoring during the school year?

- C. Nguyen, parent

I want to thank you for your dedication. I'm amazed at how organized you are. The communication is seamless between student, class and parent. You are attentive to the class and their needs and as a parent I really do appreciate the time and energy spent.

- M. Estrada, parent

Thank you again for a great summer class!! Cheers

- Jason D., parent

Thank you Mr. Newell for your excellent teaching method. The last 6 weeks will be (our son's) priceless memory.

- Hanh D., parent

Thank you so much! It was our pleasure to have you as (our son's) math teacher in this summer! Wish you the best!

- Yan, parent

Hello Mr. Newell, Thank you for your work teaching geometry this summer. (Our son) has learned a lot and I think he really enjoyed the class.

- Anita C., parent

Dear Mr. Newell, (our daughter) really enjoyed your class and wishes that it would last longer. We greatly appreciate you giving her great motivation and enthusiasm for geometry during this summer.

- Sung A., parent

Thanks for all of your work with (our son) over the past month. It was great meeting you last week and hearing your approach. I know that he really enjoyed the class, and I think he has learned a lot more from you than just Geometry!

- Sridhar V., parent

Thank you Mr. Newell for all your support during these past 6 weeks. Thank you so much for teaching them about Geometry in a very clear way. The summer schedule has certainly been very hectic but (our daughter) has been very lucky to have such an amazing teacher.

- B. Dao, parent

Hello Mr. Newell, I’ve been taking each day nervously as I watched my daughter learn Geometry and succeed!! This class was tough, and you taught it very well. This whole course couldn’t have gone any smoother. She’s entering 7th grade. And I think she’s set up nicely to succeed this year! Thank you!

- E. Chung, parent

Thank you very much for being (our son's) and (our family friend's) teacher this summer. (Our son) enjoys your teaching. (Our son) enjoyed your class and he really appreciated the note taking skills you have taught them. Although (our family friend) was only in your class for 4 days, but he enjoyed his first U.S. school experience very much. Thank you again for inspiring them!

- Stella L., parent

Dear professor of economics: Through this letter, my husband and I thank you very much for the great good and the great favor that you did (our son). May God bless you forever. Many, many thanks for your patience.

- L. Hernández, parent

(Our son) enjoys your class.

- Robin S., parent

(Our son) loves be in your class.

- Sandy L., parent

(My son) really enjoyed your session!

- Saswade, parent

Hi Mr. Newell, (our daughter) is enjoying the class and your teaching style.

- T. Nguyen, parent

Hi, Mr. Newell, Thank you very much. Your course is so much higher quality.

- Ning X., parent

Thank you so much for all the good work. (Our son) said he enjoyed the class.

- A. Daffo, parent

Dear Mr. Newell, thank you so much for sharing your insights with (our daughter) and your students.

- X. Ta, parent

Mr. Newell, we would like to thank you for all the hard work and effort you put in to make the lessons interesting and fun.

- K. Ami, parent

Thank you for teaching Geometry. (Our son) was learning a lot and spending time very useful with you.

- E. Kang, parent

Hello Mr. Newell, (our daughter) does love math and she did enjoy your class and having you as her teacher.

- Valerie, parent

Thank you very much for all your help. (My son) is learning a lot and is enjoying how the class is being taught.

- B. Dao, parent

Hi Mr. Newell, Want to thank you for the great teaching, (our son) had a very good learning experience on this course.

- Elaine H., parent

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