Colleague Testimonials

of Apartment of Education lead tutor and veteran interdisciplinary high school instructor:

Mr. John Newell

It is my pleasure to write this reference for John Newell. John is a tireless, enthusiastic and hardworking individual whose tenacious, adaptive, and flexible approach effectively meets the differing learning needs of his students. His general knowledge, reference and communication skills are exceptional. Keen to provide assistance, his many excellent ideas to improve instruction and education have been accepted by both students and staff. He functions exceptionally well in team situations. His efforts to develop, coordinate and implement practical programs of instruction for students are exemplary, and because of his friendly, relaxed, professional manner, warmly received. John’s caring, supportive, approach to student needs and instruction facilitates immediate and continuing rapport with students and parents alike.

John is highly committed to whatever tasks are asked of him; long hours spent working with students and his caring nature meeting the varied needs of young people are evidence of this. Repeatedly, he has performed outstandingly. As John seeks to broaden his horizons and experiences, I do not hesitate to recommend him for any position of his choosing. John is an exceptional person, possessing a professional demeanor deserving of the highest recommendation.

- Terry M.

I have known John Newell for 10 years. John is very reliable and very prompt. He has great rapport with teachers and students alike. He is able to motivate students with all levels of ability.

- Pam S.

It is with great pleasure that I recommend John Newell. Since my first meeting with John as a senior student in my American Government class more than ten years ago, I have consistently been impressed with his enthusiasm for learning, drive for success, and ability to lead those around him to higher standards.

John has always impressed me with his ability to maintain such an enthusiasm and energy in whatever he has pursued while remaining focused and determined to achieve his goals. It is in this regard that I believe John has distanced himself from his peers, his ability to take on a variety of challenges while doing so with an energy and a joy that brings out the best in those around him. So I was naturally thrilled to learn, when we reunited a number of years later, upon his graduating from Cal Poly, that he was considering on entering the field of teaching. I believe John is a natural in the classroom. His wide breadth of knowledge ranging from such subjects as economics, history, literature, politics, and computers, coupled with his interests in such activities as music, travel, and surfing provides John with a unique opportunity to communicate with students that allows for a powerful impact.

In addition to his determination and motivation, another quality that John continues to show is his compassion and consideration for those around him. I have witnessed countless times his sensitivity and awareness for students and his ability to gain their trust when he takes the time to listen to them.

I believe John is a natural leader and will excel in the classroom environment. I am proud of John’s accomplishments during the ten years I have known him both as a student and a colleague, and I look forward to learning of many great successes from him in the future. It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend John.

- Ron G.

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